About us

The Bernardinum Printing House offers to its clients the highest quality offset and digital printing services. We are a company with many years of tradition, but we still modernize and improve our work methods and machinery, to provide services on the highest level.

We implement projects entrusted to us reliably and on time, creating new standards and proposing unique solutions. The success of our brand is built by analysis, insightful observations and accurate conclusions, which result in finished products made in a professional and unique manner.

Thanks to our specialists, we are able to cope with almost any challenge. We are constantly developing and we have been providing high-quality printing and quick delivery times for a long time.


We’ve got solid foundations, our roots dating back in printing history to 1830.


What is most precious to us, is the team of seasoned employees, who continuously upgrade their skills.


Our services are proven high quality by ISO 9001:2015 norm certificate.

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